The mission of the Kal Center for Special Needs is to promote the development and overall welfare of the differently-abled in Ethiopia. In pursuit of this goal, KCSN aims to achieve the following:

  • Promote an inclusive education in which all children have the opportunity to learn and develop with special consideration for their unique needs;
  • Train teachers on the identification and assessment of children with diverse needs;
  • Consult with and counsel parents in response to their emotional reaction to having a differently-abled child(ren) with disabilities and how to best parent them;
  • Promote early childhood education and support preschools in establishing and executing an Individual Psycho-Educational Program (IPEP);
  • Provide support, supplies, training, and information to teachers and those working toward the development of differently-abled children;
  • Develop the capacity of local leaders and change-makers to enact positive changes in improving the lives of children with special needs.

Today’s investment in children is tomorrow’s peace, stability, security, democracy and sustainable development.
— Africa Fit for Children