New Manual Published - "Understanding & Supporting Children with Hearing Impairment"

Kal Center Founding Member Dr. Alemayehu Teklemariam and Board Member Dr. Yirgashewa Bekele recently released a new publication entitled "Understanding and Supporting Children with Hearing Impairment: Awareness-Raising and Training Material." This publication was made in collaboration with the Kal Center for Special Needs and Visions Global Empowerment (USA).

As stated in the Executive Summary of the manual, "This awareness-raising and training material is developed with the intention to enhance awareness of the community and schools about education and training of children with hearing impairment. The purpose emphasizes that the participants who will receive awareness based on the content and procedure of this document will change their attitude towards education and training of children with hearing impairment. It also helps to reduce barriers that inhibit school attendance and participation of the children. The material addressed the valuable resources important for inclusive schools where children with hearing impairment attend."

We hope this will prove to be a valuable resource for all those invested in the education and promoting the overall wellbeing of children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Translation of an Amharic-language version of this manual is underway and is scheduled to be made available in the next few months.

To view and download the full document, please click HERE.

Another Inspiring International Volunteer Team Visit

Another year...another batch of wonderful friends from abroad! This August we were joined by a group of volunteers from the U.S., Ireland, Zambia, Ethiopia, and the Netherlands. Together, these 10 individuals conducted trainings in cued speech/visual Amharic, staff professional development, parents/family support sessions, and more. Hearing tests were conducted and hearing aids provided to another 18 individuals. Basic speech assessment and support services were introduced for the first time. And educational / instructional videos in Ethiopian Sign Language were produced. We are grateful to our friends for their efforts and for forging bonds with our staff and community here in Bahir Dar.

New Video of our Deaf Youth Circus

We are excited to share with you this short video featuring some of our amazing Deaf youth performing their circus & acrobatics routine last month (August 2016) to a group of visiting volunteers from Ireland, Zambia, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, and the U.S.! Thanks to Mr. Demelash Tsegaye, one of our Deaf teachers, for his dedication & boundless enthusiasm in bringing joy to these youth and all who get to see them perform.