We need your support! As one of just a few local NGOs committed to the development of differently-abled communities in the Bahir Dar region, the services and support provided by Kal Center for Special Needs are a vital lifeline for hundreds of vulnerable and at-risk youth and adults.

Please stand with us as we work to empower these communities by making a contribution today. Thanks very much for your thoughtful concern and generosity!



#1 – Make an Online Contribution

Donate via PayPal by clicking the button below. All online donations will be routed through our US-based nonprofit partner organization Visions Global Empowerment. For any US-based donors, Visions will issue you a tax receipt for your contribution. All funds (minus the PayPal nonprofit processing fee of 2.2%) donated here will be transferred in full to KCSN.

       #2 – Donate by       Cash/Check

For all Ethiopia-based donors, please route your donations to:

Kal Center for Special Needs, Attn: Ms. Mekedes Tadele, Treasurer, P.O. Box 2265, Bahir Dar, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

For all US-based donors, you can mail your tax-deductible contributions to the following address (just make sure to make your checks out to "Visions Global Empowerment" and to add “KCSN donation” in the subject line of your check):

Visions Global Empowerment, 1621 Barry Ave. #PH1, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA


  • As our main initiative is the ongoing operations of our Model Deafness Center in Bahir Dar, we are in continual need of financial support for this major undertaking. Your donation in any amount will help us to run programs & offer services that are vital to the development & empowerment of Deaf youth & adults and their families. Please consider making a contribution today:


If you have a special skill set that you think would be supportive of our work or operations (i.e.: Deaf education, early childhood education, education, interpreting, speech pathology, audiology, international development, photography, filmmaking, marketing, etc.) and the passion for serving those in need, please contact us at kalcentersn@gmail.com. We are able to accommodate short- and long-term volunteers on a case-by-case basis, so please let us know about your interests, skills, relevant past experiences, ideas, expectations, timeline, etc., and we will be happy to discuss with you.

Furthermore, our U.S.-based nonprofit partner organization Visions Global Empowerment runs service-learning trips to Ethiopia periodically throughout the year, including 2 recurring university partnerships with New York-based universities. Visions typically takes volunteers from all walks of life during a 2-week service trip every August. As trip details are made available, please go to the following link for more information and to access the volunteer trip application: http://visionsglobalempowerment.org/international-opportunities/